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Outdated jewelry systems trap data and cripple efficiency, making it nearly impossible to deliver the experience customers expect. Luxe is here to change that with an all-in-one platform to empower jewelers to stand out from the crowd all the while increasing revenue and profits.

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Power Your Store with a Single, Intuitive, and Mobile-Friendly Platform

Luxe is redefining the industry standard with a unified CRM, POS, and Analytics cloud platform, elevating customer experience and lifetime value, while streamlining operations and optimizing inventory.

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Luxe Software
What We Do
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Efficiently manage sales opportunities, communicate seamlessly, and gain valuable insights from comprehensive customer data - all in one intuitive platform.

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Point of Sale

Built for quick and effortless transactions, even the most complex ones. Say goodbye to long waits and welcome a smooth, enjoyable checkout process every time.

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Jobs & Custom

Luxe cuts through the overhead of tracking repairs and custom work, streamlining these complex tasks. The result? A smoother operation and a superior customer experience.

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Inventory Management

Streamline inventory with our fast, flexible system that adapts to your processes and guides to optimal inventory levels.

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Effortlessly manage multiple stores with our intuitive solution. Perfectly tailor permissions and access for unified and effective operations across all locations.

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Craft targeted, personalized marketing campaigns with ease using our data-rich customer lists. Drive higher ROI on your marketing spend by reaching the right audience at the right time.

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Reporting & Analytics

Discover a new dimension of data analysis with our interactive reports and analytics. Gain unprecedented insights and make informed decisions with ease.

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Data Migration Guarantee

We understand the importance of your historical data. Our data migration guarantee means we handle the complexities, ensuring a smooth transition from legacy systems with our expert, white-glove service.

Who We Are

Best in class team redefining jewelry store technology

We are a team of software experts who have personally experienced the technological gaps in the jewelry industry as consumers. Realizing that this industry deserves the modern tools that have revolutionized other retail sectors, we leveraged our in-depth technical knowledge and partnered with leading independent jewelers across the U.S. Together, we've developed a software solution that bridges this divide, ushering the jewelry industry into an era of technological innovation, improved customer experience and enhanced operational efficiency.

Our team has built software for millions of users at multi-billion dollar companies

Customer Testimonials

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Choosing Luxe software has proven to be a game-changing decision for our business. It has significantly enhanced our checkout efficiency, providing us with invaluable data insights, and ultimately elevating our overall customer experience. I am happy to talk to any jeweler about our experience!
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Alex Bellman

Owner, Bellman's Jewelers

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Luxe's product is intuitive, fast, and provides a comprehensive 360° insight into my business. It's impressive how they've developed something so dynamic specifically for the jewelry industry, with a strong focus on customer-centricity. At its core, it enables us jewelers to do what we love best—taking exceptional care of our clients.
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Bhuvan Sahney

VP, Gleim the Jeweler

Partner with us to redefine jewelry store technology

We have a roadmap full of innovative features and we love working with our customers to build for today and the future.